Simoca comes from a Quechua word, “Shimukay”, which means “quiet and noiseless people placeor tranquil and peaceful place”. This town is located southeast at 50 km (31 ½ miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán on National Road Nº 157.

This town is well-known as the Sulky National Capital. Besides, this district is really proud of its traditions which are portrayed on Saturday Fairs. There is a wide variety of products offered, such as, exquisite local food (empanadillas, rosquetes, among others), handcrafts, cane honey, imported goods and corn husk cigarettes. Moreover, the food stands still have “exchange” of product tradition. Sellers change their products and give visitors eggs or pigs as change. The National Fair Fest is held every July. This celebration has become well-known in other provinces. It started in 1980 to honour Simoca Town. At the beginning of the fest, there is a Sulky and Calvary of Gauchos parade. They represent a live testimony of the history of the country.

Another important celebration in this town is the Sulky National Fest. It is held every November and many national and provincial folk music artists participate every year. There are also Sulky and Carriage and Parades along the streets of this town surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

During the city tour, Bartolomé Mitre Square, Lady of Ransom Church, El Rosedal (Rose Garden) Museum, an old train station can be visited. San Antonio de Padua Remains are only at 9 km away.

Finally, Simoca also offers a wide variety of facilities and accommodations, shops and different type of food spots.