San José de Lules Ruins

The tourist that visits San Jose de Lules Ruins, only 23 km away from San Miguel, will be able to visit the school, the bedrooms and the grocery store of the Lules Indians, apart from the Jesuit’s convent, a chapel, and dozens of objects of an inestimable value, that are part of our culture and roots.

It is not in vane that San Jose de Lules Ruins have been a National Historic Monument since 1944: they are a live testimony of the times of Spanish conquest, and this is the place where the Jesuits cropped the sugar cane for the first time.

The Ruins are formed by an old chapel and a convent that were founded by the Jesuits in 1670. Here, the visitor will be able to see original items, made and used by the founders of the Company of Jesus.

The convent of San Jose de Lules contains a lot of history: it has the bedrooms, the grocery store, the workshops, and the school where Lules Indians studied. It was the place where the first public school in Argentina operated, and that’s not all: Manuel Belgrano and Jose de San Martin camped there during the Independence wars.

The museum is established in the old sacristy.