Condorhuasi Ruins

Among the green valleys, the blue sky, and the brown ground, the history of the Condorhuasi Ruins will shock the tourist.

Between Cafayate and Tafí del Valle, these Ruins were the place where some aborigines found shelter after the defeat of the Quilmes Indians against the Spanish in 1667. The place was already occupied by indigenous groups composed by farmers and ministers a little after the start of the Christian era, and it specially developed between the years 1000 and 1500.

People can tour the central area that has a terrace covered surface, works of irrigation and housing structures made of stone, similar to the Quilmes’ structures, which leads to the conclusion that this was also a developed village.

Another interesting ride are the cemeteries, where the visitor will learn about funny details, such as the fact that adults were buried in stone baskets covered by a plain rock and that children were buried in pottery coffins.