Tucuman owns some of the most important theaters of Argentina’s northwest; all of them carry the distinctive mark of the province and were built with the finest architecture. Every weekend, theaters are chosen by hundreds of families that look for an entertainment with local or national plays.

Going to the theater is a classic activity in Tucuman. Visitors can enjoy a wonderful performance as well as visit them and learn about the history they hold. San Martin and Alberdi theaters are the most important of the province.

San Martin Theater
Address: Av. Sarmiento 601
Phone: 4228133
San Miguel de Tucuman

Mercedes Sosa Theater
Address: San Martin 479
Phone: 4214994
San Miguel de Tucuman

Alberdi Theater
Address: Jujuy 92
Phone: 4229118
San Miguel de Tucuman

Eugenio Flavio Virla Cultural  Center
Address: 25 de Mayo 265
Phone: 4311430 – 4221692
San Miguel de Tucuman.

Orestes Caviglia Theater
Address: San Martin 251
San Miguel de Tucuman

Circulo de la Prensa
Address: Mendoza 240
San Miguel de Tucuman

De la Paz Theater
Address: 9 de Julio 162
San Miguel de Tucuman

El Pulmon Theater
Address: Córdoba 87
Phone 4222368
San Miguel de Tucumán

Juan B. Teran Cultural Center
Address: Marco Avellaneda 254
San Miguel de Tucuman

Paul Groussac Theater
Address: Alberdi 71
San Miguel de Tucuman

UNSTA Auditorium
Address: 9 de Julio 165
San Miguel de Tucuman

Enrique Pinti Theater
Address: Calle 9 de Julio entre Congreso y las Heras
San Pedro de Colalao

Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center
Address: Juan Bautista Alberdi 1021
Phone (54 3865) 481460
Aguilares City