From Indian pieces to objects used by congressmen around 1816, when the Independence was declared, Tucuman houses some of the most important museums of Argentina’s North. Visiting the museums is a must for the tourist. While walking along cultural halls people will have the chance to know the history and tradition of one of the richest provinces of the country.

“Casa Histórica de la Independencia”  (Independence House)
The Independence of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata (Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata) was signed in its historical room.
Congreso 141 - S.M. de Tucuman – Phone: (54 381) 4310826

”Museo Historico Provincial Presidente Nicolas Avellaneda” (Historical Museum)
It is a Historical Museum with permanent exhibitions. Here you will find the original drawings belonging to Lola Mora.
Congreso 56 - S.M. de Tucumán – Phone: (54 381) 4311039

"Museo de Arte Sacro"
You can find here an outstanding heritage of religious paintings, images and clothing.
Congreso 47 - S.M. de Tucumán – Phone: (54 381) 4211213

"Museo Folklorico Manuel Belgrano" (Folklore Museum)
It shows computer graphics material, photographs and audiovisual elements of the restoration work done in the house.
Exhibition of musical instruments, sculptures and paintings, regarding music and religious festivities can be seen at this museum.
It also has a room dedicated to Mercedes Sosa. There you could see graphics and clothes belonging to the artist.

"Casa Padilla" (Padilla’s House)
Furniture from the 19th century can be seen here, as well as an art collection belonging to Ernesto Padilla Jr.
25 de mayo 36 - S. M. de Tucumán  Phone: (0381) 4319147

"Casa de Gobierno"  (Government Palace)
It is located where it used to be the town council. In the central hall rests Juan Bautista Alberdi’s mortal remains.
The white room decorated by Vila Prades in 1916 can also be visited.
25 de Mayo 90 - Phone (0381) 4844000

"Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes" (Fine Arts Museum)
Temporary exposition of local and invited artists
9 de Julio 36 - S. M. de Tucuman. Phone: (0381) 4227300

"Museo Iramain"
Preserves some of Iramain`s best sculptural pieces
Entre Ríos 27 - S. M. de Tucumán - Phone: (0381) 4211874

"Museo Miguel Lillo"
It has a distinguished collection of birds, mammals and invertebrates which are part of the Argentinean fauna. There are also copies on original size of some prehistorically animals.The zoology collections have uncountable species, as well as the specimen of geology and paleontology.
Miguel Lillo 251 - Phone: (0381) 4234127

"Casa Belgraniana"
The yard allows people to know with an entertaining method which were the most relevant moments of Belgrano’s life as well as the political, social and economic context that lead his historical deeds such as the Tucuman Battle
Bernabe Aráoz 681 - Phone: (0381) 420-7909

"Museo Universitario"
It has multifunctional aspect. The Archaeology Institute functions there.
San Martín 1545 S.M. de Tucumán - Phone: (54 381) 4527550

"Museo Elmina Paz de Gallo"
The museum and archive, has 3 rooms, being one of them Elmina Paz’ former room.
Av. Sarmiento 253 - S. M. de Tucumán. -Phone: (0381) 4300690

"Museo de la Industria Azucarera – Casa Obispo Colombres" (Sugar Industry Museum)
The beginnings of sugar industry can be learned here, as well as its development in Tucuman throughout the years
9 de Julio Park. S. M. de Tucuman. Phone: (54 381)  4-522332

"Reserva Arqueologica Los Menhires"
Stones as clear example of Tafi Culture grouped in a park at the center of the town.
El Mollar- (0381) 156903081

"Museo Jesuitico de la Banda"
Archaeological collections are exhibited here.
La Banda S/N - Tafí del Valle - Phone: (03867) 421685

"Museo Pachamama"
The museum itself is an exotic work of art. The floor and walls were made with stones found in the area. The images represent different Indian figures.
Ruta Prov. 307 Km. 164 - Amaicha del Valle - (03892) 421004

"Museo Sanmartiniano"
It counts with audiovisual material, a library, a military room and an iconography room. The life of San Martin “the Father of the Nation” is told here in a chronological order.
Solar Histórico de la Ramada de Abajo (Burruyacu) – Phone: (0381) 154401817

"Museo Automovilistico"
The collection is made up of photographs, newspapers articles, trophies, four original sport cars and different kind of objects belonging to the famous driver.
Av. Nasif Estefano 242 - Concepción – Phone: (54 3865) 421556

"Museo Atahualpa Yupanqui"
Through personal objects, photographs, letters, books and interactive screens and music you can learn about Roberto Chavero’s life and work.
Temporary closed

"Museo Arqueologico El Cadillal"
It shows pieces of Candelaria Culture among some others
Dique El Cadillal. Phone: (0381) 155 879178