Without any doubt, folklore is the representative music of the province par excellence. For this reason, the province offers many choices to enjoy it.

Peñas (Restaurants with folk music) and bars are opened all week long to offer performances with local and invited musicians that turn your dinner into a pleasant moment. If the tourist prefers classic or international music, or rock and roll, can choose among several bars where different artists perform.

There are shows and Festivals that have become part of the culture of our province, some of them are:

“Fiesta Nacional del Queso” (National Cheese Festival)
A traditional folklore Festival in which local and national artists performed on an outdoor big stage

“Festival Atahualpa” (Atahualpa Festival)
This festival gathers more than 20.000 people. It takes place every year in August. This show has become one of the most important events related to folklore and it is the only one that gathers famous artists and groups in one night.

“Septiembre Musical”
It is the most important Cultural Event that takes place in the province. Throughout the month, the public enjoy high quality musical events together with other cultural activities that take place in the city and around the province. Local, national and international artist turn this event into a must for the visitor.

“Lules Canta a la Patria” (Folklore Festival)
With a diverse social and cultural program, the city of San Isidro de Lules celebrates its foundation aniversary, which took place on November 20, 1851. The minister Zoilo Dominguez built the first public building, the founding  church, which lead the development of one of the outstanding cities of the province.

“Christmas Concert”
Those who come to Tucuman in the last month of the year could be part of an unforgettable experience at the Christmas Concert that takes place every year, with a participation of 15000 persons.
This is an emotional performance made up by a selection of tangos, Christmas songs, and some of the most popular classical music songs. There are more than 200 musicians on stage: members of the UNT (Tucuman’s National University) orchestra: symphonic and juvenile orchestras, the university choir, and the children and young singers’ choir.
This wonderful production includes a simultaneous transmission in a huge screen, a fireworks show, and at the end, the Christmas songs sung along with the entire audience. The entrance is free and organizers ask those who go to donate children’s books that will be given to public schools and libraries.