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Without a doubt, tourists who chose Tucuman want to appreciate Calchaqui Valley’s landscapes, visit the Independence House, (which was drawn by students many times at school), go around the North of Argentina, taste the famous “empanadas” (local food) or participate in traditional festivals such as Sulky celebration in Simoca or the “Humita” Fest in San Pedro de Colalao.

Tucumán is easy accessible. Most of the bus companies come from different places of the whole country.  By plane, flights arrive from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Lima, Santiago de Chile and San Pablo.  By train, there are three options: from Retiro, Rosario, and La Banda. There is a wide range of accommodations in our province according to personal budgets, such us, hotels, hostels and camp sites. 

Once you arrive at Tucumán, it is highly recommendable to visit San Miguel de Tucumán city. Bear in mind the architectural heritage of its main buildings, museums and churches around the Independence Square just in the heart of the city.  A must-see visit is the Independence House where the pledge room remains intact.
During mealtimes, there are countless delicious traditional food to choose, for instance, empanadas (kind of stuffed pastry), locro, humita or tamal. There are also different restaurants with theme menus for all tastes.