The Province

Tucumán is History. It is independence. It might be small but with an enormous spirit. It is a must destination for those who want to immerse themselves into the roots of this rich country. It is full of different shades of green and it is quiet. That is why it is called the Garden of the Argentinean Republic.

Tucumán is the smallest province in the country. It is located on the northwest of Argentina at 1311 km (815 miles) from Capital Federal, i.e. the city of Buenos Aires.  Its surface is about 22,524 km2. It is estimated that approximately 1,500,000 inhabitants live here.

There are many accesses to arrive in Tucumán. Its airport is called Benjamín Matienzo which is the point of connection to and from Buenos Aires and Córdoba with regards to national flights, whereas international flight routes include Lima and Santiago de Chile.

Tourists who like to travel by car can access the province through National Routes Nº9, Nº38, Nº40 or Nº157. It is also possible to travel by train from the city of Buenos Aires. Besides, there is a wide variety of bus companies which arrive to the province from the whole country.

With hot summers and chilly winters, Tucumán invites tourists to appreciate the different shades of greens and the essence of the city. No matter what season you visit it, the weather will allow you to get to know the city, rivers and valleys in a placid and comfortable way.  Springs and autumns/falls are generally warm with fresh air from the south. Temperatures during these seasons are estimated around 25ºC (77º F). In summer, they are over 40ºC (104º F), while in winter they are less than 10ºC (50º F).

The capital of Tucumán is called San Miguel de Tucumán. There, a lot of ingredients are combined in order to make this city tempting to be visited: friendly people, history and architecture in each building, nearby hills and hospitality perceived everywhere. The city is nice and quiet. However, bustling dwellers move around during mornings and afternoons because Tucumán is distinguished by its siesta. During nights, this city highlights its life in bars, theatres, restaurants and shopping centres. Most of them open from Mondays to Mondays a little later than midnight. 

Yerba Buena, El Cadillal, San Javier, San Pedro de Colalao, Ruinas de Quilmes, Pucará de la Ciudacita, Raco, Simoca, Escaba Lake (reservoir), Cochuna, The Treasure Lagoon, El Mollar, Menhires Park, la Quebrada de los Sosa, Tafí del Valle, El Siambón, Villa Nougués, Aconquija Snow Hills, Colalao del Valle, Amaicha del Valle are some of the most popular places of the province.