Congress and Conventions

Known as the smallest province of the country, Tucuman has a lot of attributes to show. With an unusual growth in the last years, high quality hotels, excellent gastronomy offer, high - level events management and a wide resource regarding technological equipment, the garden of the republic becomes the ideal destination for meeting tourism. 

Tucuman hosted the most important congress of Argentinean History, the one in which the Independence of the country was signed. Due to its main role in the region as an economic, industrial and cultural leader, it was chosen to be the host country for the MERCOSUR (free trade area of South America) Summit.

The province outstands in the region because of it thriving academic activity. There are 4 universities, more than 120 carriers, higher education centers and different institutions that support  a intellectual source known national and internationally. 

These are some of the reasons to sustain that Tucuman, known as a dynamic and friendly city, becomes the perfect Natural destination for your events