Professional and suitable tourist guides will be able to integrate a registry that will formalize the provision of the service in the Province." /> Professional and suitable tourist guides will be able to integrate a registry that will formalize the provision of the service in the Province.">

Se reglamentó la Ley de Guías de Turismo de Tucumán

Professional and suitable tourist guides will be able to integrate a registry that will formalize the provision of the service in the Province.

A few days before the end of 2021, the province's tourist guides already have the regulations of Law No. 9,381 , regulations sanctioned by the Honorable Legislature of Tucumán on December 22, 2020, with the aim of regulating the activity of the providers of these services. The approval was the result of three years of efforts promoted by the Tucuman Tourism Authority (EATT) with the contributions of the Tucuman Association of Tourism Guides and the Tucuman College of Tourism Graduates .    

“With great joy and before the end of the year, as we promised, we regulate the Law of Tourism Guides. This is an achievement, it is the result of consensus and it is already a fact ”, stated the president of EATT, Sebastian Giobellina , about this event. The official invited the guides to pass through the offices of the provincial body "to carry out the procedures that will allow them to carry out their tasks within the framework of the law," he emphasized.

Giobellina explained that "for the regulation the contributions and observations made by both institutions were taken, which are the result of the numerous meetings that we carry out with all the intervening entities," he stressed. It should be noted that at the time the law was enacted, the official had weighed in on this decision "which translates into the recognition of many workers who have been doing very valuable work for years," the Minister of Tourism had expressed a year ago.

The Law seeks to order the exercise of this activity through the creation of a formal registry of guides. To enroll in it and in any of its categories, interested parties must meet the following requirements:

- Complete, sign and submit the Affidavit form.
- Present a copy of the National Identity Document (DNI) and 2 passport-type photos in 4x4 size.
- Present a certificate of Good Conduct issued by the Police of the Province of Tucumán or by the National Registry of Recidivism (in case of not residing in the province).
- Present the Curriculum Vitae with the respective documentation that supports their background in the activity.
- Prove your real address in the Province of Tucumán or, failing that, establish a special address in it and declare your electronic address.
- Proof of registration in AFIP and DGR or proof of dependency relationship.
- Accredit proof of training in a first aid course given by the competent authority.

Tourist Guide Categories:
Professional guide: must prove qualifying title. In the case of degrees with a duration of less than 3 years, prove that you are enrolled in the College of Tourism Professionals of the Province.
Ideal guide: you must present proof of service provision for a period of no less than 3 years issued by an authorized receptive agency or by an institution or body that is related to the specific subject that focuses the discipline. It will be stated whether this service was developed in the area of ??the province, a town or an attraction, with a certified signature and the character of an affidavit. On the other hand, the suitability can also be demonstrated by means of a degree title, diploma, study certificate, evaluation or any other documentation that proves knowledge.
Provincial guide: you must request registration in this category, which will enable you to perform your duties in any location within the provincial territory.
Local guide: you must declare the locality (city, commune or department) where you will provide your services.
Site guide: it must declare the attraction where it will carry out its functions, be it museums, monuments, churches, convents, parks, reserves and / or protected areas, Theme Parks and archaeological areas or sites, factories and / or companies of tourist interest.
Specialized guide: you must declare the discipline, theme or specific tourist attraction for which you are registering.
Bilingual guide:In addition to the general requirements and those pertinent to the category in which you are registered, you must prove your knowledge in the language or languages ??in question with a certificate or certificate issued by a university, higher institute or public or private entity recognized by the authority of application. In the event that they do not have a qualifying degree or certificate, they may prove their knowledge through a technical exam that will be in charge of the Evaluation Committee.

Information of interest

-The Guides that provide services in the province must go to the Department of Registration and Inspection of the Ente Tucumán Turismo, located at Calle Santa Fe No. 2121, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., to start the registration process, in accordance with the normative.
-In accordance with article 10 of the Law and 9 of the Regulations, a committee will evaluate the technical aptitude required for registration in the Registry. It will be made up of one (1) representative designated by the Enforcement Authority; and two (2) representatives designated by Educational Institutions in tourism matters, recognized by the competent national or provincial authority.
- Those who make up the Registry will have a personal and non-transferable identification credential.
- Registration in the Registry is valid for 2 years.
- Prior to the expiration of the term, the provider must request its renewal proving the validity of the registration requirements. The interested party must present himself with a maximum of 15 days in advance of the expiration date of his identification credential to manage his re-registration.
-To comply with the regulations, Travel Agencies must provide services through registered Guides. In the same way, the Guides will have to resort to the provision through registered travel agencies when their offer includes additional services to the personal guide at their expense.
- If the provider's activity also involves activities included in the Active Tourism Regulations, it must register and comply with the current regulations for said modality of tourism service provision.
- Guides from other jurisdictions cannot guide in the province, so guides registered in this province must be hired to make excursions in Tucumán.

The complete regulation can be downloaded in the following PDF .

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